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In 2005, when Mississippi was hit by Hurricane Katrina, my husband, Lyle, went with a church group for a week to help with the cleanup and to help with the needs of some of the people. When Lyle returned, I told him that I met a woman (Leigh Chapman) from Waveland, MS, and proceeded to tell him how Leigh survived the storm. Leigh mentioned to me that her two year old niece had lost everything except one blanket. That's when I decided to make a little Care Bears Quilt for her. I took a picture of the blanket and showed it to my husband. Then he said, “One is not enough; you need to make one for every kid in Waveland.” That's when Kidz Quiltz was born.

For many years, I have made baby quilts and blankets for grandchildren, nieces, nephews, and friends, but only for the enjoyment of seeing how the children love their blankets. This was a dream I never imagined happening.

We started with the idea of making quilts to bring comfort to others, and, in turn, we also have been blessed with so many people wanting to help us make this dream come true! We couldn't have done this without countless hours of help from volunteers and the community, and donations of all kinds!

-Wilma Hamilton, Founder


Kidz Quiltz pledges to provide quilts to children around the world who are in need due to circumstances beyond their control. We believe every child should have his or her own quilt. On the back of each quilt is a "Bible pocket". When possible, we include a Bible in that Bible pocket for the children. Due to poverty and natural disasters, children worldwide are left to face the elements on a daily basis. We have made it our goal to help them stay warm and to show them we care by wrapping them in quilts.

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